Hey GG&A, searched and found nothing. So... if I had a searchbar fail, link me to it and I'll let it die.

I'm just wondering if a Blues Junior would sound good with some distortion/fuzz pedals (Keeley DS-1).

Also, would it be loud enough to fill do small gigs un-mic'd?

I love the tone, and found one for cheap, but these two things are really important to me.

It will sound excellent with any pedal you throw at it, but it probably wont have enough clean headroom for some gigs.
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sounds great with pedals.

it could do gigs unmiked but usually breaks up at those levels
It'll sound amazing, like mine does with my ts-808. it will be loud enough, it just depends on how the room is set up. I've played gigs with 1000+ people, and the sound carried very well. Also worth mentioning I didn't have it cranked, so it could have gotten louder if needed.
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