I want to know, because I like to play songs from Jazz to songs that are like Heavy Metal.
A nice HSS Stratocaster with coil splits?
Ibanez S540

MXR EVH Phaser
Ibanez TS-9
Ibanez WD-7
Electro Harmonix LPB-1

Traynor YCS 50 Blue
Depends on what kind of tone you like, whether you like slim necks, etc.
Any guitar with a versatile amp.
Fender American Special HSS Stratocaster
Ibanez 1987 Roadstar II Deluxe
Yamaha THR10X
Marshall JCM900 SL-X
Ibanez WD-7 Weeping Demon Wah
TC Electronic Polytune
Seymour Duncan Tweakfuzz
I know the perfect thing!

The FAT TELECASTER by Fender Company.

I have one. They come stock with a humbucker (a TRUE humbucker, not just two single coils) in the NECK position and an extra-hot single coil in the bridge. The pickup selector is a five way: 1st is the humbucker, 2nd changes the humbucker to single coil (coil split), 3rd is the full humbucker and the bridge single-coil, 4th is the two single coils (the neck and the bridge), and 5th is just the bridge single-coil.

Run this thing through a Big Muff and it SCREAMS!!!!!! Then turn the Muff off, flick the tone done a bit, and suddenly you've gone from Slash to Chet Atkins. This guitar can do anything: jazz, hard rock, surf, etc etc.

The "Fat Telecaster" always has a maple neck, but if you're a rosewood guy there's another one called the "Hot-Rod" Telecaster that is exactly the same except is has a rosewood neck..... Noel Gallagher from Oasis plays one sometimes.

They don't make either of these anymore, but keep an eye on craigslist and ebay.... you'll find 'em. I got mine for around $800, but ive seen them go for a lot more.