a cliff in a park sparking cigarettes with wet matches we found near the creek,
mother mariner, sister sailor, steer clear of the honey trees and the ambience of the
shipwreck beds where we choose to sleep. all underneath all indiscreet, leave the
lover you didn't know any better, or for worse, leave the summers you never waited up late for.

a hue of fall, falling into beds of dead leaves from tops of indian trees, mahogany cue cards that read like eulogies, brother you didn't abandon me and i didn't abandon you. a cotton outline silhouetting your place at the kitchen table, we missed you then but now we just miss the rush of anything, or everything all at once. like you, lock jawed, tongue tied, swallowing cocoons and spitting up butterflies.

now, a cliff in the park drawing maps of roots and illustrating an ever growing sympathy for endangered species on to wool sketch pads of sheep's backs.
hedge deep swimming swelling through the breaks of cuyahoga falls, amnesiac lulling in the distance, sleeping eyelids being held open by strings attached to tip tops of fir trees, birds swiftly souring swallowing worms i chew and spit out as we wait for father to return,
all's well,
all's the same,
who has the time to change?
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