Sounds like it's not grounded properly.
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Well it worked fine for a long time. Then all of a sudden it started to like buzz whenever i would play on the low strings or palm mute. so i touched the element and it sounded perfect. as soon as i would let go, the sound changed. now i get no sound at all from it unless i touch it.
maybe it is going bad, take it out and check all your wiring, if thats all good its prob the pickup it self, or it could just have some corrosion on it or something
you could try jamming something in there so its always being touched
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Ok... well its an ElectroniX ReffleX pickup i got from ebay. i cant find pictures anywhere. but the 3 elements are circles. They are covered by tape, so i cant dont really know much about them. There are two small ones that go underneath the bridge at the E and e strings. And there's one big one (the one im having problems with) that goes infront of the bridge really close to the soundhole. Like i said before they are stuck to the acoustic by 3M sticky pads. The wires all go to the strap button/output jack. hope that helped...