True, the last few records were well, not bad but not good either.. And this has been a long time coming.. I know the band are flawed but I have been a fan since a kid and thats just off the first 2 records.. Maybe Liam will carry on and take over songwrighting duties (Little James, ewwww :S) lol
Cant say im devastated. Noel is overrated as a lyricist and often an outright thief, but is at least relatively more tolerable than his brother...though they remind me of the line from blackadder..."who's using the family brain cell at the moment?"

maybe noel will learn to sustain a metaphor and write a sem-original chord progression....
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maybe noel will learn to sustain a metaphor and write a sem-original chord progression....

Maybe Glenn Beck will learn to sustain a viewpoint and only appear semi crazy.

We can dream.
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Well i guess that Liam is up a certain creek without a certain impliment.

The guy can't sing anymore and lord knows he can't really write songs either.
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im not fussed they had 3 songs i liked. i though they where both pr*cks anyway
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I'm also pretty devastated, I'm a fan. Liam has gotten alright at writing songs (I'm Outta Time) and Gem can write songs really well.
If they split it leaves the door open for an unlilkely ride reunion as it allows andy to go and do his own thing. Still can't see that happen, but I said the same about MBV. As far Oasis, it was coming if he reallly has left. They'd become a band that just did the occasional good single and I kind of wish they hadn't released their last album, wasn't that much of a fan tbh! At least it will allow Noel to do that mythical solo album he has wanted to do for ages.
oasis is the greatest band ever to play. the talent has left, the heart remains.
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I thought I had my own key
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Yesterday i was at Rock En Seine, the music fest in France, where Oasis was supposed to play, but the two brothers had a fight like 10 minutes before the show, so it has been cancelled...
The fest director told us that the band was now officially split...

So yes, it's official... But maybe they will play together, again, in a few months...