k here's the schematic for my guitar, first of all

so here's the deal, i plugged in my guitar, and just got a swelling buldings sort of hum/buzz thing that clearly wasn't right. put my guitar down and ignored it,

later i picked it up, and discovered the output jack had somehow fallen inside the guitar (no ****ing clue how)

long story short, i'm pretty sure the output jack is supposed to have two wires soldered to it, there is only one, i can't find the other one anywhere (!?)

anyone familiar with these/ know what the **** is going on?
where does the one wire that's connected to the jack lead to ?
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
if the connected one leads to the volume pot then you're missing the ground wire. goes from the back of the tone pot to the other lug on the jack.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
would that make that sound? i think that's right, but my problem is that i can't figure out where the wire went it appears to be missing. i guess i'll just poke around a little more, thanks
question two
the wire that is connected to the jack has a grey sleeve, and a smaller white sleeve extends out of it - this is what is connected. Inside the grey sleeve around the white one is some sort of metal wiring or something

what is this, shielding or was is it the ground somehow slipped back in?
The wire your looking at is actually 2 wires in 1. The inner wire is the hot and the outer wire is the ground. Ground the outer wire to the other lug on the jack and that should fix your problem. The ground wire not being connected will cause a bad hum.

The other end of that wire is probably grounded to the back of the volume pot instead of the tone pot like in the diagram you posted. As long as it's grounded it doesn't matter which one it's connected to. I figured I'd add that bit of info just in case you were worried that it wasn't connected to the tone pot like the diagram shows.
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