I'm really proud of this. It's nothing fancy. It's about my relationship with this girl who likes me but has a boyfriend and love him too much to leave him for me. I guess it's jsut so close to putting my emotions down on paper. Cheers

Friday Night At Psycho Hour

It's hard to feel happy when you're trapped inside all alone.
The others are staying up late talking to their girl on the phone.
Guesses aren't for knowing but if I could guess right for once
You'd be the one holding my hand in dreams tonight, my love.

Too many hours I've spent occupied by these thoughts
Wishful thinking doesn't help trying to cut your loss
I remember the tension building up inside
When we'd just stopped kissing and you turned and you sighed.

Your lips tell stories of unknown territories
Where ships have been sunk in the shallowest seas
Hard luck tales are all I have left to read
But I know you still wish for another day with me.

But I know you still hope the love is true.
Oh how distorted I see. I love hating you.

If I'm a little drunk then jsut loom past my eyes
My voice speaks a truth been locked up deep inside
Baby, I know you just need that push to help you try
My oh my, do you hate never knowing why?
My oh my, do you love never knowing why?

Did you sleep that night with my breath on your shoulders
Have you slept since or are you just lonely?
I'm dying to move on or commence this ultimatum
But I'm not ready yet, are you ready yet?
I'm not set, are you set?
As a memory we're too impossible to forget.
But I'm not ready yet, you're not ready yet.
To bring our lives back to when we first met.
And start again.

Oh I know you still wish for something to be,
instead maybe you could try to start loving me.