right now i have an orange crush 10 amp and an old 60's teisco that doesn't play very well and i'm thinking i need a new guitar i play mostly blues (clapton, hendrix), punk (sum 41, green day), and heavy rock music (AC/DC, G'N'R) and i have a budget of
$300 dollars and i really cant buy used because most of the stuff on the local craigslist is crap.
i recomend a Schecter Omen 6. i play very similar genres and some other heavier stuff and this guitar feels and sounds great for all of them. just because it's Schecter doesn't mean i just plays metal. i actually play more of the stuff you listed than metal.
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A Mexican Strat runs for about $400 if you save up a tad bit more

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I've been saying this in a bunch of other threads but Amazon has the Schecter Omen Extreme-6 in black cherry for $205 right now, it's a steal considering its usually $400 online.
Any of the guitars listed already.

You could also find a Epi Les Paul with P-90s maybe?

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any one the above and also look at the epi sg`s and lp`s. also the entry level jacksons are fairly decent and you can find them for around 300 at some guitar stores. go to guitar center and look at their used guitar section then go play it while still in the store. i saw a epi. sg in cherry red in one today for 199.00, despite a couple of dings on the body, and a rather thick neck, it wailed on old ac/dc and def-leppard that i was playing thru an old used crate amp that was less than 200 bucks its self.
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Try and go for something with HSS set up (humbucker, single, single) because for rock and grunge you'll want the bridge humbucker, but for clapton and blues you'll want the neck single...Just my take
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HSS all the way for you.
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Clapton (and Hendrix) recorded all their stuff on Les Pauls SGs and a Flying V. Where does a guitar with single coils come in?
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My vote is for P90s as well, single coil snap, with an enhanced mid range. Perfect for blues, rock and punk. You could go with Humbuckers as well, a little bit darker but powerful indeed.
Here's my picks for under 300 bucks

EDIT: Those Mexican Fenders are very nice, I have a MIM Tele and it's a great guitar. HSS Strat would be pretty good for the tones listed, perhaps a tad bright. Honestly for me Made in Mexico is perfect, good build for low bones.
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get a epiphone les paul junior and put in a p90 or get a squier start swap out the bridge for a sh-4 jb
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I agree with getting an MIM strat. But he said he was going to buy new, and assuming he lives in the US, the MIM strats are now usually 500 dollars, up from 400 dollars about year ago. I would say just check craigs every day for about a week or so and chances are, no matter where you live someone will put up a MIM strat for around 300 bucks. I know it's not new, but I think you will be much better off buying used, as long as you try it out before you buy it.
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