Hey everybody, i'm just loking at some new guitars since I've been switched from bass to guitar in the school jazz band. haha my current thunderbird isn't exactly getting the job done... So basically this is what caught my eye the most, and I'm wondering what sort of opinions people have on the sound for playing combo jazz and boogie/early rock for the most part.

PRS SE Semi-Hollow

Now the three things I like the most about it are the shape of the body(it's just so beautiful!), the fact that it's PRS, and the weight. So basically, what are your guy's opinions on the sound and function for jazz?

tl;dr: I want the guitar above to use for jazz, what do you think of it?
well some people do like and use the real prs semihollows and hollows llike the 4k ones, i personally think theyre all just rock guitars

ive never played that particular model but im warning you the prs hollows sound airy and unfocused which i hate, so unless youre doing incubus sounding stuff, they sound not so great

sorry to burst your bubble man but i would never get a prs for jazz. I think the only real jazz player that i can recall that uses any prs is lionel lueke and he ist really even that jazzy more like world, tribal brazilian jazz fusion and plus he doesnt even use them anymore

at any rate i think youll be better off with a gibson or even an ibanez for a cheaper semihollow/hollow guitar also ive seen a lot of eastmans being used maybe an epiphone
oh damn, conflicting messages... Thanks for all the info, I'll think about that and look at some other guitars. I still do like enselmis's answer though...
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I don't know much about that particular PRS, but you should have a look at Gretsch too, their hollows and semi-hollows are excellent, some of the best I've laid my hands on. And they should have the sound you're after. I found this in the same price range as the PRS http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gretsch-Guitars-G5122-Double-Cutaway-Electromatic-Hollowbody-Electric-Guitar?sku=514651
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