I liked it.

Very light/soft feel to it. Good vibes. Acceptance. Openness. Laid back.

Nicely timed guitar licks..went very well with the rhythm and the vocals.

It was a really good expression of yourself.

Long, simple, and sweet.
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The intro! Hahah awesome.

Cool how you doubled some of the vocals lower like that. Adds a lot of dimension to what is very bare bones. It's bare bones in a sweet way, and the playing/singing is great. The musicianship is fantastic. Consider a fiddle player!
As well... a more 'pronounced' bridge section would make the song more dynamic as a whole. A little change in the rhythm, maybe a drift into a vocal tangent or anecdote... Something to take you away from the main hooks for a short while - to keep the listener interested in what's gonna happen next, would fill it out more and make it sound more complete.

Just my 2 cents... The thing has a good sense of flow, and you did great with the chord progression, melodies, etc

keep up the great work, man
Thanks for the crit.

I've never been a fan of country music in general. The lyrics and singing have always seemed generic and almost annoying at times. Lyrically, this song is pretty similar to most country music. The melody works well, the harmonies are fairly well done and the guitar playing is solid. The one big complaint is a feeling that "I've heard this before" comes to mind.

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Sound nice! You got a nice country voice!
Really sound like if you done it in one shot, no transposition problem.

Your guitar sound very light but that just make your voice sound more powerfull.

I didn't like country but i did like this one!

Keep it up!
haha the intro was awesome. im not much of a fan of country but this was pretty chill and relaxing. good stuff. good recording quality as well. good harmonies

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