Play something easy, move my hands around, stretch my fingers.

There's a really good guide on here somewhere.

Hang on.

Here it is.
The second is the one I was talking about, but I'd check them all out.
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i do many chromatic exercises at first to warm up then i do the same exercises to a metronome 2x as long. that takes me about 30-45. when i'm done i'm blazing.
Just a little 5 note up and done picking exercise as fast as I can. Works for me.

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Slow and easy, is how I start. Usually with my accoustic to stretch my fingers on some painful (and awfully sounding) chords, and play some fingerpicking songs; Then on electric, as someone has already suggested, I run through some modified Rock Discipline runs, and some more little etude's I came up with, or found the internet. I usually tend to make sure that I cover about every technique a bit.

Don't underestimate your warm-up 'program'.

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I play this:
with distortion. It helps my finger stretching and muting.

Vids, or it didn't happen.

Tabs, at least.
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just play through some songs i know etc and a few scales

master of puppets has some good riffs to warm up