Poll: Would you host an open mic?
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Would you commit to one a week?
11 55%
Would you try to get them to let you put on a showcase instead?
6 30%
Would you back off and claim no time?
3 15%
Voters: 20.
So today I was at a local coffee house chatting and **** waiting for my delightful beverage and the topic turned to their now defunct open mic. I was like, " Oh well, you lost your host hey? that must suck", then I find myself telling them how I have a PA system and more gear stored at my house then needed, and the dude gave me his card and seemed enthused that I would want to do this.

Now my question for you is
1) Should I commit to doing something like this once a week
2) Should I ask if it would just be cool to put on a monthly showcase or something.
3) Should I back off and say I don't have the time, which might be hard to find once school starts.....

Also, what do you think of dem good ol' open mics in general?

Sweet, think that's all.
This seems like the kind of decision you should be making on your own. We don't know if you want to do it or not, and we don't know how much free time you have.
I would stick my dick in the coffee.

EDIT: Seriousely...I wouldn't do it every week. Chances are you'll find you won't have time for it and it'll fall apart.

The monthly thing sounds like a good idea, though.
So you get paid to talk and let them borrow you mic and PA, I say go for it.
all I ever wanted was to pick apart the day
put the pieces back together my way
do it.

you wanted to brag about your equip.

live up to your word. its all youre good for.
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Just go once a week and play some Jazz for them, if you have the time of course.

Do it for teh moneys.
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I think I'd be able to do it, it's just I almost don't want them depending on me as I got the system to put on metal shows....and I don't think you get paid for this.
See how much time you ACTUALLY have during the school year before you decide. Maybe do once a month until you get a feeling of whether you can pull once a week.
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