I had a fight with someone on Xfire.
My username was Glarthir.

halonator911: ...
halonator911: well its better than drugs
Glarthir: Not really...
halonator911: ...
halonator911: dude this is my moto
halonator911: life is short live it up
Glarthir: I won't live life in guilt.
halonator911: ...
Glarthir: Is this the part where you give me a lecture which I outsmart?
halonator911: nope
halonator911: im just saying
halonator911: dude
halonator911: ur dad has porn
Glarthir: What makes you think he does?
halonator911: because
halonator911: u said
halonator911: u looked
Glarthir: I said I saw a magazine.
halonator911: in his closet
halonator911: ya
halonator911: thats porn
Glarthir: That doesn't mean it is porn.
halonator911: ...
Glarthir: Not all magazines have porn.
Glarthir: That's like saying all sandwiches have cheese.
halonator911: kelso
halonator911: ya
halonator911: that makes
halonator911: perfect sense
halonator911: he hides
halonator911: ha comic book ofcourse
Glarthir: My dad likes comic books.
Glarthir: My dad is against pornography anyway.
halonator911: then why would he hide it?
Glarthir: So if he looked at it, he would be a hypocrite.
Glarthir: And he hates hypocrites.
Glarthir: So if he was a hypocrite for hating hypocrites and at the same time hid pornography, that would make him a pretty big hypocrite.
halonator911: kelso that means ur a hypocrite too
Glarthir: How am I a hypocrite?
halonator911: because u said u will not live a life a guilt
Glarthir: You're right.
Glarthir: And?
halonator911: but u
halonator911: already have so much guilt
halonator911: that ur hiding
Glarthir: I have no guilt anymore.
Glarthir: It's normal for kids your age to look at that.
Glarthir: But I'm smarter than that.
halonator911: exactly thats why i do it
Glarthir: :/
halonator911: kelso its not about how smart u are
Glarthir: Don't give me the "I'm Kelso" excuse.
Glarthir: And yes it is.
halonator911: every kid does it at sometime
Glarthir: It's how strong and smart you are.
Glarthir: You're right.
Glarthir: Every kid does it.
Glarthir: Even me.
Glarthir: But now I'm stronger than that. And smarter. And I will not fall into that addiction.
halonator911: im not addicted
Glarthir: Looking up porn every day is addiction.
halonator911: kelso porn is put up for kids like us to have fun
Glarthir: -_-
halonator911: and i dont look at it every day
Glarthir: It's put up for us to have fun. For little perverts. I'm not one.
Glarthir: I'm smarter and stronger than that.
halonator911: YES U ****ING ARE!!!!!!
Glarthir: ...
halonator911: thats kinda perverted
halonator911: and i can admit
halonator911: im perverted
halonator911: im man enough to do that
Glarthir: You know. I was naive then.
Glarthir: I used to be perverted.
halonator911: it was a year ago
halonator911: a year ago
Glarthir: A guy can change in a short amount of time.
halonator911: ...
Glarthir: -_-
halonator911: i dont get what the big deal about looking up porn is
Glarthir: Big deal for me.
halonator911: what i cant see it every once and a while
halonator911: while some people
Glarthir: I don't like people falling into that trap. I don't like its effect on people.
halonator911: have a ****ing stash
halonator911: of porn
halonator911: it isnt a big deal if u like porn
halonator911: it just happenes
Glarthir: Okay listen. You look it up. They have magazines.
Glarthir: Not a big difference.
halonator911: i look it up every once and a while
Glarthir: Doesn't matter.
Glarthir: You look at it.
Glarthir: Period.
halonator911: YES I KNOW I DO
halonator911: but that doesnt mean im addicted
halonator911: addicted is when
halonator911: u get a tatoo
halonator911: of a vagina
halonator911: on ur arm
halonator911: addicted
halonator911: is when u have a season of playboy
halonator911: under ur bed
halonator911: i dont have any of those things
halonator911: addicted
Glarthir: ...
halonator911: HOW ****ING ABOUT THAT?
Glarthir: Okay listen. That is not addicted. It's one thing when you think about it. It's another when you look it up.
halonator911: theyre both the same
Glarthir: Um, they are not.
halonator911: u still get the same image
Glarthir: You can't help your mind.
Glarthir: Your brain can think of random things at random times.
Glarthir: It is a choice to look it up.
Glarthir: See the difference?
halonator911: no its
halonator911: not
halonator911: ur brain
halonator911: sends u a message saying ur horny
Glarthir: -_-
halonator911: its not a choice
Glarthir: brb
halonator911: -_-
Glarthir: Okay I'm back.
halonator911: u know what kelso?
halonator911: KELSO!!1
halonator911: U KNOW WHAT
Glarthir: Okay first off, look at what you said. Sends a message to your brain? You can't help what your brain thinks of. I can be in class and I randomly think of talking ham. It is normal. A human brain is weird.
Glarthir: Yes?
halonator911: ILL SEE U IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Glarthir: ...

So tell me. What do you think about it?
i think your "friend" has terrible spelling and grammer. he must be wanking off to porn while typing with one hand.

However, apparently porn has everything but a bad effect on the brain. It's apparently quite relaxing to the mind.

Don't quote me on it though, I'm no expert. Just saying what I've heard about it.
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No it doesn't.

Douches will be douches, regardless of porn.

and Kelso needs to liven up.
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I try not to watch porn.

I usually fail
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Kelso, as in Dr Bob Kelso, I would believe that man supports pornography.
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I see the other guy is a fan of Oblivion.



EDIT: Wait! HAHAHAHAHA! You're Glarthir! You ****ing tool! Every single person on here looks at porn. We can stop whenever the **** we want.
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Porn is not an addiction, yeah I look at it almost everyday now when I'm at home but I went away 3 months (no comp\no pr0nz) , and during that time i didnt get ny withdrawal symptoms or anything lol
No it doesn't. Unless you think that sexual arousal is a bad thing, that is.
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No it doesn't. Unless you think that sexual arousal is a bad thing, that is.

If you get aroused sexually, you go straight to Hell.

And if pornography has a bad effect on the male brain is completely subjective to what you would consider bad.
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If you get aroused sexually, you go straight to Hell.

Every time you get a boner, it's a year longer in Hell.
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That is all.

this. ****tard
I hated Glarthir!!!!
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I think youre both ****ing stupid.

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you sound like a douche.

PS: unless you consider an erection a bad effect on the male brain..

then no, porn is great.
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Yeah, it sometimes has a negative effect on the brain. It can give people very unrealistic expectations about sex, and it's easy to get addicted to.
Wasn't Glarthir some nutcase Wood Elf who lived in Skingrad?
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