So Im just starting to dabble in writing my own solos, the main reason for this is because Im a lost cause at other peoples solos. So I was wondering just a couple of things. Firstly I just wanna stay in the basic pentatonic minor boxes and the tuning Im playing in is Drop D down a whole step (CGCFAd) So should I just stick to D minor for bluesy metal solos, or should I change my tuning up to Drop D(DADGBe) and play in E minor. I myself prefer the slightly heavier sound of the low C so would my solos still have some "grit" to them if I played them in D minor as apposed to E minor?
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Also, it's called Drop C, just fyi.

Actually, no it is not. Common misconception.
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Changing your tuning doesn't change scales
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Changing your tuning doesn't change scales

This ^

Plus if you are a lost cause at other peoples solos you need to find some easier solos to master and increase the difficulty over time. I think it's pretty important to learn how other people solo so you can take their ideas and apply it to your playing. Soloing is not just about playing in key, it's about phrasing and choosing the notes that you want to play to create the sound that you want to make. For this learning other peoples solos is invaluable.