what's your guys' opinions on taking maybe a year after i graduate high school (2011) to take some, or all, of my general education classes at a community college before going into a music school like Berklee, McNally Smith, Uof Texas, Uof Colorado, etc, for a bachelor's degree?

would it have any effect on my chances of being accepted just because i didnt come straight out of high school, even though i'm not taking a year off and still doing classes at a community college for gen ed, and probably a few guitar/music classes?

the idea is to
1)save money, and
2)buy myself a little more time to get better at guitar before taking an audition or something, since i really need to work on sight reading and improvising. i'm good at improving but i'm still fairly limited by genre.
not at all a bad idea. i know a lot of people who have done similar things. I, for one, started out doing that, but my life took a different path, so it didn't help me much.
i really dont think it'll make it any harder to get into any of them. cant say for sure though. i'd wait for a better reply...
but yeah, cram all the guitar classes/practicing you can in during that time.
Hey, I'm currently doing the same thing. I come as an international student, so you can imagine how hard it'll financially be for me. And the chance of getting schols is also limited 'cos our education system is different and with evaluating issues if you know what I mean. So, not a bad idea at all. Will be a nice jump start to getting into a decent uni and to get schols and least of all the preparation.
You can also take beginning music classes and the cc. Bonus if your cc has a good music program. Then you will see bigger strides in progression if you're are in their program.
It won't affect your chances at all. Its not like big college look down on people who come from community college.
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Not a bad idea but you need to look carefully at what kinds of credits transfer and how many transfer. For ex. I know Berklee only excepts 18 credits and will only take certain classes some of which are not what I would call standard gen eds.
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