Honestly probably a dumbb question, but I've only been playig for a year, and i'm asking for one for my birthday. I have a rocktron 25d, and I'm saving for a vox vt30. I'm just curious if I should let my parents put the money into this guitar. I play alot of different styles, classic rock, grunge, and punk mostly.
Guitar center by me had them for 699, but I could try to haggle them down a bit, but do you think that Ive been playing long enough to really need a good guitar like a players?
honestly, id say a year is plenty of time if you know its something you're going to stick with. i'd been playing only a year when i upgraded to my epiphone sg cuz i couldn't stop playing and i was getting better. a quality guitar combined with that good amp you're saving for will do wonders for you're playing im sure.
I've got the spirit, but lose the feeling.
Yeah once you play for a year you're pretty much glued to the guitar xD.

I've been playing for about 2 years, and I never get tired. But once in a while it helps to put it down and come back to it if you feel in a rut.

Anyways on topic: Yes you should if you are sticking with it. Once you upgrade, you'll be amazed at the comparison.