Hey all - havn't been around in a while - I wonder if you can help me.

My friend Steve in the U.S, Floria, is soon to be evicted from his home - another victim of the almighty U.S - looking out for it's citizens as always.

He is looking into buying a very very cheap guitar to keep his spirits up, thing is, very very cheap and second hand, $50 guitars are likely to ... well.. be pretty damn awful and a guy that's already so broke, I'd feel bad for him wasting his money.

I can afford to spare say, £50-60 (I know its not much) to buy him a guitar which I'll order to his house as a surprise if I do it. I'm ****in broke myself but my heart goes out to this guy, he's a true gem..

Can anyone hook me up with a possible, decent, perhaps second hand guitar that will not sound like **** and go out of tune every two seconds? An amazing bonus would be it being solid top and semi durable, I feel this guy might be on the road at some point with little protection for the guitar - actually maybe laminate is better for that.

Well this is a special case - I hope someone can hook me up - even if anyone knows anyone in the Floria area with an old guitar knocking about who feels charitable - I will certainly pay something towards it - Peace - if I don't respond here try my email at :


Thanks all
Accidents waiting to happen
Just look in Amazon for an Acoustic Behringer its pretty cheap and it has the Case to keep the guitar safe, its like 40 dollars .
you mean Florida? never herd of Floria

ebay or amazon would be your best bet
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