'Moderate' is usually from 108-120. So, try 114.

Edit- Sorry. I don't this is correct with waltz.

I checked a one of those 'Moderately waltz tempo' songs and it was in 70.
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Waltzes are in 3/4 time. And usually that 70 applies to the fact that they're counted in 1 instead of 3. So, ONE-two-three ONE-two-three.
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so a sheet music says moderate waltz tempo or moderately slow 4, how fast is that on ametronome?

I don't understand why it says moderately slow 4, if it's a waltz? Unless it means that it's in four bar phrases and each beat is the first beat of each bar.
And year, I'd say a quarter-note pulse of 112/116 should be fine. You can always adjust if it sounds too fast or slow.