Hey I'm in a band and we're just finishing up our first few songs. We're thinking of recording and want some advice. Do we use tape recorder?Mics?hook up amps into a computer? And program suggestions would be nice... Spank you all in advance
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To set it up properly will cost you considerably more than finding a cheap recording studio - and don't forget that you can't just buy some mics and software and get great results - it takes several months of learning and practice to get any good at audio engineering mixing. Unless someone n your band is prepared to invest a lot of time into this, it's better to just book yourselves into a professional studio.

The best option is to buy a cheap USB condenser mic, plug it into a laptop and record your band's practice with a single mic. You'll need something like this:

Which should cost you no more than $70-$80 dollars and will come bundled with decent software. A slightly pricier alternative is a stereo handheld recorder, like this:

That would set you back at least $180 or so, but have the advantage of being in full stereo.

Once you've recorded the tracks you can do some basic EQing, add a little reverb etc to improve the sound. Hell, send me an mp3 and I'd be happy to do some rough mastering for you!

The most essential bit is to get all your levels right, and make sure the mic is in the right place in the room. Have a listen to the '1-mic rehearsal recording sample ' in my profile to see the sort of results you can expect with a cheap USB mic.
Second the one mic-technique, I've heard amazing things about the Blue Snowball, look it up. If you have moremoney consider getting a separate audio interface and *2* identical mics (matched if possible).

Or if you want to record each instrument separately you'll be looking at 2 identical mics as overheads the drums, 1 SM57 or equivalent for the guitars and a vocal mic. I heard you can use the SM57 as a vocal mic but I don't think it'll sound great on the drums...

For software, Reaper Reaper Reaper
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