Here's a stupid little ditty I wrote long ago that I thought I'd share. Not sure about the genre. I don't expect elaborate criticism, lol. I guess just tell me if you think I should make a song out of it, or keep it as a stupid little ditty.

By the way, it got its name from an Opeth concert at which my friend yelled to Mike Akerfeldt, "I JUST CREAMED MY PANTS! How do you say 'cum' in Swedish?" to which Akerfeldt responded, "Um, let me think. You would say 'sperma.'" My friend: "YOU MADE ME SPERMA!"
Sperma Waltz, The.zip
Haha, I was surprised that it was good, I expected it to be just nonsense from your description

But it is good, it's catchy in an irritating sort of way haha. The rhythm guitar part is a bit harsh, but that's probably just Guitar Pro being tempremental, it can be hard to make rhythms like that sound smooth.
I like the bassline and the drum part too, they compiment the guitars nicely. It's a nice lead part as well, very folky. Not much to say structuraly as it's only a beginning really, but it's a solid start, you should definitely expand on it if you have time. Oh, and nice backstory too Opeth had the same impression on me live haha
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