Hey everyone. I'm 1/2 of Forms, a duo from Victoria, BC. Our debut album, "R/S" is available for free download from the micro label Dead Language Records, based out of NYC.
Here's a description of the CD:
"R/S is based on two recurring themes. The initial concept for the recording of R/S came from the Steve Reich composition “Clapping Music”. The first theme for R/S is the initial rhythmic motif from “Clapping Music” set to an E minor triad. The second theme is a chord progression based around the “basso ostinato” near the beginning of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Violin Concerto No. 1 (3rd movement). It is transposed from the original key. In this recording the piano plays A B E A Bb F E C G F D Fmin7+imp. C while the guitar simultaneously plays A E A F E C G F. Almost all of R/S is improvisation stemming from the two themes or variations thereof. "
You can find the CD here:
our Myspace here:
our Muxtape here:
and our Facebook here:

Thanks for reading.
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