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Hey, what was your strangest high off of any drug?

Mine was from the other night, I was a at a friends house, who I hadn't hung out with for a long time, and we decided to get something to smoke. So anyways we smoked a couple joints, not much, and then we decided to make a waterfall bong, which worked real well. So on my last hit of it I almost passed out so I sat down in some chair, then all of a sudden I forgot where I was, then I would look around and forget where I was again , and then remember I was at my friends house and then I would forget. So we went upstairs and watched spaceballs and the whole time i sat there trying to think what I was doing. Got up got some eggs to eat and forgot I was walking, I remember looking at my feet thinking "how long have these things been here?", then I just sat down and tried to watch the movie.

Definitely was an odd night.

Any one have any interesting anecdotes to contribute?
this threads gonna close, but i gotta say when i went to Grateful Dead w/ Allman Bros and Doobie Bros.

the people, atmosphere, music, drugs...insane!

hands down.

smoke it out of a bong, hard rips, keep the flame on it.

youll leave this universe/dimension

EDIT: also.. reported dude. take it to the drug thread.
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