(click "Spiders On Ivy")

Hey! It'd be really cool to get some crit on my recording. I used a Sterling Audio FET into an M-Audio Fast Track Pro and into Garageband. I'm really proud of it; I'd love to hear how it affects you!

If you've got something similar (or, doesn't have to be entirely..) post it, cause I wanna hear it. I'll critique your recording back for ya.

Hope y'all enjoy this thing.

All the best,
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cool titles man. the recording sounds great. but then again i record using a $10 radio shaq mic. anyways cool effects. the recording/mixing seemed spot on. i would know how to make this better. its great. kind of puts me in a deep thinking mood. very pink floyed ish. i love how the energy kind of goes up and down throught the track. so it becomes kind of like a journey in the music. great song man. i was diggin this. nice job.

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Thanks man. Much appreciated! Thought your tune was awesome, too (posted some feedback).
Very very good. Sort of Pink Floyd mixed with Steve Vai. Are you going to attempt to sell this?
Thanks! I will; I'm working on a full CD of this stuff. I'm about 4 songs deep so far
Jackson usa soloist (loaded w duncan sh6 pups), straight into a 50w marshall dfx combo. The other stuff is mentioned above. Thanks for posting!
Pretty sweet stuff man, it's got this planned sporadic feeling to.
Peace be thy journey
dude that was cool it felt really dark/eerie ish i liked the overall vibe to it
and it didnt stay with the same beat the whole time. change is good =D
id say my favorite part is around 1:42, that whole section is pretty cool. its a driving beat and the solo is good it doesnt sound outta place or awkward or anything of that sort.

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