hey guys.

Just wondering how you guys think it handles compared to other les pauls eg. standard.

PS: How would it handle JB/59 pickups?
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DBZ guitars, love'em. Especially their Les Piccolo model.
Isn't it a little bit smaller?

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if its the bare mahogany one that's like 800 dollars than its pretty much a door stop. the the others aren't bad tho i don't think.
A lot of people say that Studios suck. But I don't think that's the case. They're thinner and lighter and they're supposed to be. It sounds different from other Les Pauls. But that's not a bad thing. They didn't seem like they were bad quality. But with all Gibsons, the necks are hand sanded so they will be differences in the profiles. One may be more comfortable while another is uncomfortable. People say Gibson has poor quality control in their Studios, but I haven't seen anything that bad. Different neck shapes and setup is not quality control. After all, there are a lot of slide players who play slide so they can't set up a guitar perfectly for everyone. Things like bad frets and construction are reasons to complain. I haven't experienced that in any Gibson so far but I haven't played the worn ones. I feel like a lot of Gibson complaints come from people who just want Gibsons but are disappointed when they don't work as well as other guitars for them. A Les Paul is meant to sound a certain way. Don't fault a guitar because of what it's not. Commend it on what it is. I think Studios are fine if that's what you want. It's not a substitute for a Standard, Traditional, or Custom. It's separate from them. It has different features that may work better for you. There are people who would pick a Studio over other Les Pauls for a couple of reasons. If you like one, that's all that matters.
Honestly, your really saving money as opposed to going with a flamboyantly colored LP. It's a much better choice, since you're getting the exact same specs, except you're saving money for pickups or something
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