I have had my electric for a month and I just noticed that a bit of plastic peeling off the end of the pick plate, and I realised the entire thing has a plastic cover on it. Should I peel it off or just leave it?

Also, how far to dents need to go to damge your guitar. I just got one on the front of the body (Not the pick plate) a few millimetres deep. Could this stuff up any electronics?
eventually it's gonna tear anyway....

i just tore that crap off... it's kinda like that crap you find inside your car door when you take it off....

depends where the dent is...

why you letting it get dented anyway

could make you have to tighten a few things up if you keep doing it.
drill a hole through the pickups to see how far it takes to damage the electronics.
peel off the protective thing...that's for the store when it's on display...

and dents...no worries...it won't affect the sound at all.... unless you chipped off a huge part
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Ok, when it starts peeling of a bit more i'll peel it all off. Do most people peel it off straight away?
I can see what seems to be another layer of wood underneath the dent, so I don't think it did anything.
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Just remove the thin plastic protection on your pick plate.
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remove the plastic peel, if you mess up your scratchplate you can buy another quite cheap. a dent or chip will not affect the sound at all, if you ever decide to remove the scratchplate you'll see where the electronics are, and you will see how its nearly impossible to damage them, so dont worry! just play, enjoy, and eventually repair!
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That piece of plastic covering is just for when its on display in the store, i peel it off straight away.
Just peel it, it is put there so that when it is delivered it isn't scratched.
Also, how far to dents need to go to damge your guitar. I just got one on the front of the body (Not the pick plate) a few millimetres deep. Could this stuff up any electronics?

Don't worry about that unless you've really damaged it, it wont do damage to your electronics. A few dints wont do it any harm.
dents = mojo which is a GOOD thing

I replaced the pickguard on my MIM Tele cuz the guy that I bought it from gouged the hell out of it trying to scrape off a sticker... and soon as I replaced it I peeled the plastic off.. pickguards are VERY cheap.. I paid like 9 or so bucks for mine off ebay.

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Be careful when you peel it off as it can snag around the pickups or knobs... sometimes leaving hanging strands that are hard to remove. If so just pop the knobs off, to get it all...

I usually change out the strings on a new guitar pretty quick and just do it then.

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Do you have a Squier Strat or some other kind of Strat with a pickguard? If so, remove the strings, and pull the knobs and the switch tip off. The switch tip should go pretty easy, and just use a pick or something as a fulcrum for the knobs if necessary. Peel the plastic off, it's just to protect the pickguard in the store. Kind of like the protective plastic covering the screen of an iPod or a new phone or something. The dent won't change much. A dent that small will be unnoticeable as far as sound goes.
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Quote by GoldfishMoon
Im to scared to do it. I'll just leave it until it comes off.

Lol scared to take plastic of but not to drop it? :')
leave it till your first show or the first time you play in front of a bunch of people
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Lol scared to take plastic of but not to drop it? :')


Imagine taking off the plastic off your freshly bought slices of cheese. It's exactly like that (and you don't leave that on when you eat it do you? )

You find those plastic covers on loads of appliances like new monitors, maybe on the display of your new wristwatch, ipod etc. etc. They're supposed to be removed. Let your guitar shine its true colors!
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Next time you change the strings, peel it off and unscrew screws that get in the way, as well as taking off knobs.

Since it's a Squier, you may eventually upgrade the electronics which is quite cheap if you can do it yourself and you just upgrade the pots. When you do, you can get the little pieces of plastic under the pot washers as well.
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Remove the plastic, it's for display purposes.
Scratch plates are cheap as anything really.

And a dent, chip, or whatever, won't cause any damage to the electronics. And if it does, you will know, because the guitar will no longer work.
Don't worry about it, chips and dents make the guitar look like it's been used. Which to some, is a good thing.