hey guys, if i were to replace les paul classic stock pickups with the 490r and 498t, what are the chances of it sounding like the les paul that has this pickup configuration, the LP custom?
I mean, it'd sound like a les paul with 490r/498t pickups.

If you replaced the pickups on a les paul custom (like most people do bc there are far better combos than the 490r/498t), would that make it not sound like a custom anymore? No it'd still sound like a custom, just with different pickups...

It depends what kind of custom you're talking about as well, if you mean the all mahogany customs, then no, it is not going to sound the same, if you mean the ones with the maple top, then yes, it might sound similar, but at the same time, it's going to sound similar to a les paul studio with the same pickups as well or any mahogany body-maple top les paul with the same pickups.
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If you want you can buy mine if you don't have a set.

I have chrome ones I'm pulling out of my LP Studio before the month is out.
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