I recently came into possession of this guitar via trade. It was advertised as a Soloist. Guitar has a bolt-on neck (which I believe soloists never have) and is equipped with EMG-HZ pickups. The guitar is exactly like this, but the inlays are the normal Jackson Shark Toothed ones and has a red flame-top finish. Has a 12 digit serial. The guitar is very light-weight, but I can't find a Superlight that is just like it. Any help is appreciated, thanks. I will include pics when I get a chance. I'm thinking its a fake soloist, but it plays very nicely nonetheless and I'm happy with it.

Good Trades:
lp_dude_2 / miketheslut/ kshands / alexmack

Pics of your guitar?
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It looks like a DXMGT, but im no expert on this type of thing.

I think it's a dinky, not a soloist, because all soloists are neckthroughs i think.
Looks like a Dinky to me, i prefer them and to be fair it's smexy as hell so it worked out well anyway.
It's an old discontinued model called the DXMGT.

They still have a page for it on Musician's Friend for some reason, even though it hasn't been made in a while. <LINK>
Thank you! I guess theres no point in correcting myself that it has a 7 digit serial and that i was confused.
Regarding the photo of the Soloist as my profile photo:

Anyone know what this is?  eBay ad said made in Japan but nothing else and no serial number. 
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Which model is this?  eBay ad says MIJ but no mention of a serial number or any other info. 
Also says a "matching tip" whatever that is. 
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I'm pretty sure the OP would've figured out what guitar this is by now.
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