i was playing my guitar today on max distortion

i was improvising a solo then suddenly i choked up my pick accidentally and made an EXTREMELY deafening and involuntary squeal

my ears are still ringing a bit

what should i do to stop this or prevent this in the future from happening
don't turn it up to 11 and wear earplugs if you're doing so

there not much you can do, just wait it off
Yeah, not much you can do, it'll fade by itself. Ear protection is important because if the noise is too loud for too long that ring will become permanent.

Handy early warning sign. Wear earplugs or protectors when you practice and you may put off Tinnitus for quite a few years.
I pick up my guitar and play
Just like Yesterday

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For practice have less gain and less volume and live get earplugs, or don't have your amp quite as "toppy".
are there like special musicians earplugs around??

liek ones that prevent the tinnitus but still allow u to hear wat ur playin
tintin... don't put your amp so loud. Max distortion and max volume are two "very" seperate things. Tinnitus is a killer for muso's... It'll go away after a few days by staying away from loud noises. Protect your ears... may I also mention another thing... excessive noise causes your ears to grow more hair... so if you don't want einstein hair coming out of your ears, then turn down. A stage is vastly different to a room, therefore you need to cater for both.