Hey UG,

I want to remove the neck pickup tone knob from my guitar to make room for a kill switch. I know other people just take the knob out and leave the potentiometer in the circuitry so it's always on 10 but somehow I don't feel safe about leaving a potentiometer not attached to anything and have it dangling about in the control cavity, especially with the way I play.

So how would I go about completely removing the tone knob from the circuitry.

P.S. Also, this might be the dumbest question to ask but I don't really know a lot about electronics. There's a black wire currently going from the tone knob to the bridge, a ground wire, should I solder the ground wire to the killswitch after I get it installed.
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If you're worried about the tone pot moving around just tape it down. saves you the hassle of rewiring.
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killswitch. so to answer ur question, yes it needs to be grounded.


theres how to just wire up one master tone for all pickups. ground will come from killswitch, not from pot. there only needs to be one wire going from electronics to bridge.
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