Hi guys, got back from a 3 week holiday (4 if you count I had swine flue before hand so couldn't play then either) so I haven't played for four weeks... everything is a bit awkward at the moment.

I'm also trying to find some nice bluesy songs to play - stuff by Clapton, SRV, Hendrix etc. but I'm having a hard time working out what is achievable for me.

I've been playing about two and half years.

If you could just suggest a range of pleasant sounding songs In the blues/ rock genres that would be great.

Thanks for helping me get motivated!
improvising is always good just get some random songs and solo over them like i do
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A song by the Black Keys maybe

Wow thanks for that reccomendation, I'd never heard their music and really liking the first song at the moment.

Thanks for the other reccomendations - improvising is one thing I have been working on for a while now - I do it frequently (but need to start learning some more scales to come up with some different stuff.

I was really hoping for something specific from B.B. King - I have loved some of what I've heard but artists like SRV, B.B. King and Eric Clapton have such huge catalogues of work (and re-releases) that I'm finding it hard to find a good place were to start!