Hi All!
Um..HELP! =)
So, I am new to tubes. I was using an MTS-3200 head when all of a sudden the volume got low, and somewhat scratchy. I assume it is a tube or 2, but I do not know how to check 2 see if the tube is okay.
There is another mode for running in 50watts. I would like to see if the amp works in this way possibly increasing my chance of getting normal sound.

My question 2 u is..

1- Do all the tubes need to be installed to run in 50watt mode.
2- Also, which tubes need to be installed in the amp to run in 50watt mode?
3- Is there a way of checking visually if a tube is good or not?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Not sure about your 50 watt mode questions, but volume drops indicate a power tube problem. Replace those.
WTLTL 2011
Thank U Mark. I proceeded to put the original pre-amp tubes in the amp.
Now, Im at the point of trying to figure out which power tube is good and bad.
This amp is LOUD! It's kind of startling when it makes scratchy noises at low levels.
-Could anyone else help me with knowing which tube is good and which is bad?
-Also, could anyone else tell me if all the tubes need to be installed to work in 50watt mode? If not, which tubes should be installed?

Thanks! I feel like I am making progress in little time on ultimate-guitar.com !