I need some help here.I have a old crate g 40cxl 40 watt 4ohm with external speaker jacks.I was wondering if I could use the external jacks on the crate to plug into my peavey kb/a 100 thats 8ohms.If so how do I run it to the Peavey through the input jack?there are no inputs for speakers in the peavey.I have the crate on top of the peavey so thought I would try to run them together since it kinda looks like a half stack

This is what I tried to do and it worked but don't want to screw it up so I'm asking.I plugged into the crates external speakers jack and ran it into channel one on the Peavey but without the peavey being on no sound came out of it.I then turned the peavey on and holy shizzle did it wail .I didn't turn it up in fear that it might hurt it is this ok to do or not?Thanks for any input.
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that somehow seems unsafe....
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um, NO.

speaker outs to amp line in? great way to fry both amps, and quite possibly electrocute yourself.
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