I was watching S&M a few days ago for the first time in full length and i thought it was awesome, didnt even know they did this song back then and i never even heard of it but i think its a great song and i thought a cover would be fun to do.
So here's me playing along with Minus Human! enjoy
Sugestions are always welcome!
seriously who rated this?
its rated 2,5 out of 5, you must have some serious issues if you think that
chill, someones just voicin their opinion lol
i thought it was pretty kool, pretty clean. i never heard this song before now and now its one of my favs :O
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i thought it was pretty good as well! your guitar tone sounded real good along with the CD!
i give it a 5 out of 5 for great playing, awesome sound, and nice looking axe!