I've got a strat not an acoustic.

Should I keep my wrist straight or angled a bit, my teacher said to angle it but I've always tried to keep my wrists straight so I don't screw up the tendons, I've had trouble with wrist pain before.

Should there be a strict rule as to what fingers I use to pick what strings, like in alternate picking syncopation, or is it more flexible?

How do you strum?
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Hold your hand however it feels most comfortable.

As a rule, you use your thumb for the top three strings, and your other fingers for the lower ones. I don't much use my pinky.
By and large, just do it however you like, as long as it works.
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Just do what feels comfortable.

As for strumming, I usually just flick my 4 fingers for a downstroke and use my thumb for an upstroke.