Hello everyone, I'm looking to sell my Pre-Fender take-over Jackson KVX10 with the case for $350.

The guitar is in nearly mint condition, with hardly any playing on it. It's a 2008 model I believe, and I've had for almost a year now, and it maybe only has 12 hours of play on it, maybe even less.

The case has no damage on it, brand new.

The guitar features:

* ALDER body with flamed maple veneer on transparent finishes (Not basswood, like the newer models)

* Bolt-on rock maple neck with scarf joint headstock

* Duncan Designed HB-103B humbucker/Duncan Designed HB-102N humbucker

* Floyd Rose Licensed Jackson low profile tremolo

The guitar and the case together cost me $700 total, so I'm looking for at least $350. I'll cover shipping, and I'm looking to sell only, no trades. Sorry guys

PM me if you're interested/want pics

Thanks everyone!
Come'on guys, you know you want

That's also my cheap way of bumping the thread, lol
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Pics please?

I'm leaving for work here in a few minutes, but Ill post them in about 4 1/2 hours

Just bare with me, lol


Mod's... If you read this, please edit my post to make it say $350. I'm too lazy to message you. Also, throw in that it is a Pre-Fender take-over Jackson. Done.
Man i was extremely interested until you said no trades
i think UG should have a sub forum to the gear ads... for like recording equipment. not just guitars and amps and that stuff
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Man i was extremely interested until you said no trades

I'm sorry, I need the money Unless you're willing to part with an ENGL Powerball

Also, thanks mods!
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A 2008 model isnt pre-fender, fender bought Jackson in 2002.

It's Pre-Fender. I checked the serial code.

Odds are, it was made 2007, but had the 2008 name on it. Kinda like how car companies make a newer model car in the later part of the year and says it's next years' model.