I just bought a guitar of a friend of mine. Always wanted to play, but bought it mainly to help him out. I'm not sure of the brand. It looks like a Fender Strat but says Tradition on the headstock. Any help with what kind of guitar I now own? :-D. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not too sure about the quality, but seeing the list price is over 300$ you got yourself a sweet deal there, mate!

Oh, and maybe try looking up a review op youtube? Sound quality might not be great but at least you'll get some owner feedback.. plus the amp makes a up a lot of the tone so there's not really an easy way to tell how it sounds online.
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300$ is around the right price for a starter guitar, keep at it then upgrade when your serious

welcome to the fraternity mate you have just adopted a new mindblowing lifestyle!
Thanks for all the help. I wanted to help my buddy out, but didn't want to get completely burned in the process lol.