So, i bought a case which cost me £71, and I was later on wondering what the major advantage of that is, when a lot of people simply carry them in a £20 gig bag

I mean its better for protection and all, but is that the only reason why people spend so much more money?

Has anyone else been in-between about cases/gig bags? i.e. when you were new to guitars
I use bags when I'm just carrying my guitars somewhere like to jam or to a lesson but when I go to a gig I throw it in a hard shell case with locks so it's a little more protected when it's moving around with a bunch of amps and drums and stuff.
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I wouldnt mind having a hard case, but tbh none of my guitars have ever suffered any damage when I've had them in gig-bags, and I usually carry them for miles
Hardcases all the way. When you start gigging they are really useful. You don't knock your guitar about when you're carrying it and when you stack them in a car etc they are totally safe.

What case is it? I'm a fan of Hiscox cases.
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depends on the guitar, dont put your gibson es335 in a gig bag, but if u have a cheap solidbody that gets banged up then put it in a gig bag.
if you're putting your guitar in a vehicle with other stuff (like other peoples equipment) then a hard case is a must have. if you're walking or have your guitar in the back of your car by itself then a gig bag is fine.

for me it was a no-brainer cause i can always use the hardcase but if i buy a gigbag i can only use it for a few applications and when im travelling with the band im in i need to keep my guitar from being destroyed.

for me the only advantage of gig bag over case (except for price) is that if you're walking for a long distance the gig bag is better cause you can throw it on your back; that's about it.
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Hard cases are a must for gigging. Actually, all your equipment should be cased up.

Gig bags are nice for convenience, but the only ones I'll use are Reunion Blues or Mono cases, which offer most of the protection of a hard case in a soft shell.

I picked up an RB case a few months ago because I don't like checking guitars at airports, the thing is incredible. It can withstand a 40 foot drop.
Quote by guitarvinnie
depends on the guitar, dont put your gibson es335 in a gig bag, but if u have a cheap solidbody that gets banged up then put it in a gig bag.

or any gibson type w/ an angled headstock for that matter.