Hi all.

Trying to decide which amp to purchase. I could use som input.

So I've been looking at a Line6 Spider Valve 212. For some reason it seems to be very difficult to get a non-biased opinion on Line6-amps in this forum. So what's the deal - is it just a hunk a junk with a bunch of pretty presets to deceive the newbies? Or is it a decent amp that can produce good tone? Personally, I found it hard to get a good impression at the store.

My other option is to buy a nice, solid amp that gives me a good clean sound and a good OD, and then just get effects pedals etc. when I need them. Been considering Traynor YCV 50
Peavey Classic 50
Laney VC 30
Got any experience with any of those?

I need a versatile amp as I'm going to be playing in many genres. That's why I was attracted to the Spider Valve in the first place. So what do you think?
SPider valve is great, really , but like all valve amps, you need to past 4-5 on master volume to hear the difference
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listen man, i had to play on a spider for a few years due to my serious lack of money. it was cool when i was first starting out and couldn't tell my distortion from my delay, but once i realized what a half decent tone was it suddenly became harder for me to play. the awful sounds actually started to hurt my playing... granted that was not one of those spider valves, so it might be a little bit different.

on the other hand, i played on my friends Classic 30 for a while, and that's now the amp i'm saving up to get. it helped my playing more than anything because i was getting a real tone out of it and could experiment more with my playing to find what actually sounds good. granted, that's the 30 and not the 50 you're looking at.

that probably didn't help much, but my advice would be to go with any of those other options besides the spider. i'm not just saying stay away from a spider because everyone else here says that and i want to sound cool. i'm saying it cause i've used spiders for far too long in my past and know first hand what they are.