that's pretty cool.

did you play with a click track? if not, (which is my guess) i'd suggest you do next time. nothing huge, just seemed like a few things could have been a bit more on time.

i'd also suggest either pushing the lead guitar up a bit in the mix or backing off the rhythm. again, nothing huge, you can obviously still hear everything well enough. the rhythm track just seemed to be a bit overpowering at times.

other than that, it's a cool tune. keep up the good work.
thanks guys.

yea I never really play with a click track, when my timing is off on a recording its usually because I'm rather easily contented with what I just recorded and don't really want to bother re-recording for the sake of a few slightly out of rhythm strums.

but the crit is appreciated and I shall try to be more fastidious when I record in future
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