I have been comptemplating buying a B.C Rich Warlock. i would like the opinions of people that know what they are talking about and have played this guitar. thank you
anything below the NJ series of B.C. Rich is pretty bad. i assume you're talking about the bronze series, so if so, don't buy.
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Don't buy low-end B.C. Rich guitars.
But the high-end ones are supposed to be good guitars.
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bc rich isn't that good.
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Does anyone have a recomendation for a good B.C rich guitar that wont break the bank?
Which model? If your thinking low end-mid range I wouldn't do it honestly. They say that the only worth while B.C. Riches are the REALLY high end ones and custom shop models..everything else is just junk. Unless you can get ahold of one used built back in the 80s I would probably look at a different company. I played a Bronze and it was f u c k ing terrible beyond belife.

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bc rich isn't that good.


The Mockinbird is my favorite. It all depends on what 'series' its in though.
A Bronze Series Warlock is one of the worst guitars I've had the misfortune of playing, but the NJ series and up are pretty good.
i had an nj classic mockingbird. with the rockford humbucker pups. nato body neckthru, it was a good sounding guitar and beautiful finish, but i couldnt stand the fact that it was so neck heavy. so i finally sold it and bought my c1 classic. sometimes though i wish i still had that mocking bird as it had a great sound for metal.
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Now how can you tell if the B.C Rich is a Bronze Edition? and does any have any opinions on a Trace Warbeast?