Latley I've had absolutly no motivation to play,and its starting to depress me. Whenever i feel like this and make an attempt to play it feels like every note i play is wrong. Has anyone else felt like this before. I really need some advice
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Maybe you just need some time to breathe? I remember feeling like that as well. I took a break for like a week, maybe even two and when I picked it up I just love how it played and felt and sounded again.
Nah I've never had that problem but I'm a winner.
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just kidding. seriously though, im feeling the same way right now

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Yeah take a break you might be trying to hard. Don't play for about a week, and take a fresh look at it afterwords. Don't think about playing just focus on something else
I go through periods where I feel that my playing is absolutely terrible and others where I feel pretty good. You just gotta remember to give yourself a breather every now and then if it just isn't feeling right
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Play the Blues. Every note is wrong anyways and it makes sense at the same time.

You mean Jazz. Not blues.

I've felt like that recently, but I just started to learn something new to me(sweeping) and it's pretty much motivated me to play again. I think i'm quite good for about 5 days of doing it lol.
Happens, set yourself some goals, some hard song you can't play yet but you would like to and just practice.
If every note you play is sounding wrong..then maybe it's a tuning problem?

I can't can't count the amount of times i've picked up my guitar, gone to play a nice major 7th just to find out that i'm in drop D some how. Let me tell you, dominant and major clashes just make me throw the guitar in the bin right then and there. Maybe that's what has happened to you?
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Take a break man, it happens. I mean a week or two really does the trick. I did that a month ago, and now my playing's never been this good. When I came back, I wanted to play more than anything else and I improved.

So chill man, it's no big deal, just come back to it when you're ready.
Whenever that happens to me I just say "**** it, I like playing, it probably sounds better than I think it does, so whatever, I like it, and it happens to everybody" works for me.
Usually if you love playing the guitar, you just want to play it all the time.
Its like guys i train with in my mma classes, this one guy just gives up on the workouts and he gets his ass beat the next day for it, he says "I dont know, im just not inspired, and when i am, im at home being lazy".
I duno, its something you really have to work for to love it.
Play this chord:


Fuck yeah.

EDIT: Learn a song that's not impossible for you, but still challenging and technical enough for it to be incredibly fun to play when you get it right. Learn some kind of solo guitar piece that you can play at your own pace, and embellish with your own licks and ideas. Write a drum track with lots of variety and different beats, load it into a recording program, and write guitar for it, one riff at a time, using as many guitar tracks, different tones, and effects as possible. Learn a song in a style you don't normally listen to, and as you learn it rewrite it in your favourite style.

Those all seem to work for me. Or you could just try doing something else for a while.
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I play up to eight hours a day sometimes and then will go weeks without even wanting to look at it.

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