Do you have to spent time getting used to other guitar shapes.

Like if I moved from a Superstrat to an Les Paul, would it take alot to time to get used to playing with a massive chunk of wood as opposed to something sleek and nice :P

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it feels awkward for a few seconds, but as soon as I play the different shape for a while, I get used to it and adjust to it.
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I went through this when I went from being a strat- W H O R E my whole life to tradeing to an SG. Now I'll never go back.

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The lack of the arm contour might take some getting used to. When I switched to my Tele from a Strat style guitar, that bothered me a lot.
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I actually didn't feel a thing when switching from a strat to a Jackson Kelly. Sometimes, however, I feel weird when playing guitars with different neck contours (les pauls, some schecters).

When I switched from a Strat to a Les Paul it was like going from a Ford to a Rolls Royce. Well worth a few minutes getting used to it.
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My SG feels a little funny after playing the ORM, the neck is sorta awkwardly far out when sitting down, the ORM feels perfect.
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I never cared about playing on different shapes.
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Not really, but it takes me time to get used to a neck.
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