Pit I need some advice. The only other help I have on this issue is an episode of Seinfeld but I doubt that's going to help.

I've been dating this girl for a while and it started off great but the fire really died and it's become very dull and I have little interest. On the other hand recently I really fell hard for her best friend, were always flirting and I can't stop thinking about her.

My question is, is the switcheroo possible? Will a girl ever go out with a guy who broke up with her best friend for her? How can I ever pull this off cleanly?

It makes me sick being with the wrong person. Any advice or did I bank on the wrong horse?
Ask your current girlfriend to propose a threesome with the other girl, then mid action tell them both your plan and true feelings.
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If Seinfeld did it you should recreate it exactly like it is.
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Relationship thread.

And I don't really know, since I don't know the people in question, she may be be cool with it.
hmmm just talk to your gilrfriend and talk it out
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My current girlfriend would most likely snap and get extremely pissed. Talking it out is no option.
....ummm NO!! at least not like immediately you are just asking for trouble if you do that. Im sure she is nice and all but there is a chance you wont be hurting the girl you are already with but you may be breaking up their friendship. Also if you do start dating her best friend and things dont go to well then you may have 2 angry girls/ women against you

so in short..dont do it
if you dont have much to lose just dump your gf now, and ask out the other girl
worst case scenario you get out of a relationship you don't want to be in, and have a couple girls pissed at you
I agree there is only one precedent for this. So propose the I believe it is pronounced manajatwa (or menage a trois) and go from there. Although this is where I would differ from the show. If they are in fact into it I would go for it whether you are an orgy guy or not. I mean come on orgy friends are not that bad and you only need to buy a few different types of lotions. Anyway good luck.
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Modeling your life after an episode of Seinfeld = major fail and/or you're a loser fodder.

Here's a great idea - be an adult and tell her it's not working out, then deal with the consequences either way.

I know, it's a stretch.
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If Seinfeld did it you should recreate it exactly like it is.


It's VERY hard to do, but if you can, you'll be a legend.

By the way, post your results
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