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I'm new to this nice forum - it's very nice place.
Friend of mind asked what is the greatest guitar player that used Les Paul. Of course there isn't one, but maybe you could give me like 5. Thank you very much!
jimmy paige, slash, zakk wylde u could on on 4 ever just depends on ur favourite song and genre
Les Paul
Jimmy Page
Joe Perry
Slash (imo)

There are a ton others for rock. This all I can think of though
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WOw quick! Thank you!
Ok I get the picture , I'm kind a new to rock style, Les Paul is one of the rock icons. Maybe there are some objects or icons as important as Les Paul. Maybe some rock symbols... I just want to know it all correctly, so I can be smarter then my friends
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1) Robert Fripp

all others need not apply
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^ I agree. Adam Jones is awesome.

I also think Joe Perry is amazing too.
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Joe Perry
Jimmy Page
Pete Townshend
Les Paul
I guess Slash
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Far too many but here's a few lesser know ones
Jimi Hendrix (he played a '61 LP Custom, SG shape sometimes)
Paul Kossof
Neil Young (ol' black)
Eric Clapton (early Cream)
David Gilmour (for recording)
Mary Ford (she could play a bit, too)
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Clapton used a Les paul? I know he used his fool guitar but a Les Paul? Also good job for the Kossof mention
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I've seen Rivers Cuomo use one.

yeah, because when you're talking about Jimmy Page, Slash and Eric clapton, why shouldnt rivers cuomo be mentioned?

also Duane Allman and Dickie Betts
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Matt Heafy, Buckethead.

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I know everyone says Page but Page. Plain and simple, he can do every rock style, then some countryish tunes to blues to metal to anything. Not to mention he can write real good music and he had the ability to improvise real well. Duane Allman and Billy Gibbons are real well too. I also love Slash and Joe Perry but Page is the best.
The guy whose name is on it, Les Paul.
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Of course so many players are not pure Les Paul players. Beck used one on Blow by Blow and he is the Strat God. I think some forgot Randy Rhodes who started on the LP on his first work with Ozzy. Zak is an amazing player. As much as I never cared much for G&R Slash spins a good riff at times, I can't stand Axel so I never really listened to the band, Jungle is a classic but the rest of it..... Adam plays a lot of different guitars like Billy Gibbons as well but their LP work is paradigm. Ace, well, I enjoyed the Kiss thing in the late 70's and such but at least Ace knew when to retire from the Kabuki dance. Gene and Paul need a therapist and for God sake, it's time to count your money.

When one thinks of shear ICON and IMAGE, I think one has to give credit where credit is due and give Pagey his statue.
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Though he didn't by any means use them exclusively...


and jeff beck - blow by blow, amazing tone
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Les Paul
Jimmy Page
Billy Gibbons
Joe Perry
Dean DeLeo
Ace Frehley
Alex Lifeson
Zakk Wylde


Vivian Cambell
Adam Jones
Adrian Smith
James Hetfield
Tracii Guns
Joe Walsh
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randy (sometimes)

and i think steve hakket used one.
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yeah, because when you're talking about Jimmy Page, Slash and Eric clapton, why shouldnt rivers cuomo be mentioned?

also Duane Allman and Dickie Betts
Rivers is actually a very good guitarist I guess. He took lessons from a pretty good prog guitarist from what I read in a UG interview.
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Well, Les Paul himself, since he's the one who nearly perfected the art of classic guitar playing. Most noticeably is Jimmy Page, who can be recognized completely with it.
slash, jimmy page, joe perry, billy gibbons. in that order as well
slash jimmy page les paul and joe perry, i dont think those have been said yet
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Les Paul (I mean, c'mon, its named after him), Jimmy Page, Adam Jones
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1. Buckethead (number one by a country mile)
2. Jimmy Page
3. Slash
4. Frank Zappa
5. Adam Jones
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