Whats the movie where there are two guys who don't know they are brothers and they demolish one of their girlfriend's grandmothers houses in demand for 50000 dollars to get their dad a heart transplant?
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Brokeback Mountain I believe
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Hot Rod

Edit: Nevermind. I just read 2 brothers get 50000 for father heart transplant, which is what they do in hot rod. but there is no girlfriends grandmothers house or whatever in it
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No its a comedy.

Happy Gilmore?
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Pulp Fiction
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The movie you are thinking about I believe is called Dirty Work, fine sir or madame.
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Dirty Work.
Don't You Talk to Billy Idol That Way.

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or something like that idk
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That movie was on yesterday. But I didn't care enough to see what it was called.
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The Dark Knight
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The Beverly Hillbillies?
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Schindler's list. I just saw it today, I'm sure it's what you're talking about.

No but really, try Ladykillers
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The first thing I thought of was Hot Rod, because the guy needs to get money for his step dad's heart transplant but I don't think that's what you're talking about...
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it's dirty work. it has artie lang and norm macdonald. directed by bob saget. very funny movie
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