Okay, I've been playing guitar for about a year now and I've learned how to deal with the excess string noise that sometimes follows playing (i.e. when changing strings). The problem I have is that if I adjust the tone knob of my guitar then those noises become so much easier to cause to the point where I can't really control it.

I was wondering if a noise gate pedal would be a good thing to use in order to control these excess sounds, or if I just have to work much harder in order to control the excess sound from the higher level of the tone knob.

Thanks in advance
i deal with it in two ways, first you leave your finger off a string perpendicular to the fret broad in the direction you are supposed to press it, second when leaving your finger off a string, mute the string a little bit with your finger tip before your finger tip is completely off the string. these are all i have found so far, no complete cure but they do help quite a bit, nevertheless these take shxt loads of practice and really fine finger control : (
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Thanks for the advice, I'll try out those methods.

So, to clarify, a noise gate pedal doesn't help in the slightest? I'm still confused about what they do exactly.
it might not be anything with the technique but with your equipment.
now i have absolutely no idea waht a noise gate pedal is either but try using a different cable or lowering the volume on your amp. make them less noticeable or virtually disappear.

my old amp made alot of excess noise and after getting a new amp (line 6 spider 3) the problem went away.

im not saying the problem will go away if you buy new equipment. i tried alot of things first before getting a new amp. just try anything and everything that can come to mind to try and solve it.
Lower the volume and tone knob just a touch, that usually helps. Noise-gates do help clean things up because it takes away all the buzzing and makes things sound "tighter". They do tend to suck tone though at times. Lowering your pickups can also help, the higher they are, the hotter and more sensitive they'll be.
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This might seem a little extreme to some, but a good way to practice dealing with string noise (in addition to practicing good muting) is to play an exercise/part on every combination of pickups.
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