I have recently decided to let go of one of my guitars, a 2005 Taylor 214e, because I haven't been putting it to good use. I bought it in the summer of 2008, it was in a music store for several years as private stock and I got my hands on it through pure luck. The 2005 Models were the last year of 214 guitars that were made of solid wood as opposed to the laminate standards, increasing its value indeterminably above any more recent models. It is perfectly maintained and has no imperfections whatsoever. It has been properly humidified and kept at the proper temperature the entire time it has been in my possession. It hasn't left my practice room since I have acquired it. It's set up to the absolute ideal action to sustain ratio, It has not buzz yet rings out amazingly. The solid wood tone on the guitar is incredibly deep and vibrant, you won't find anything near this quality for this price anymore and it's even in perfect condition. If you live in the Fargo/Moorhead area that is preferable, it's never good to ship a guitar like this, but if you wish to get it shipped it's $55 extra for high priority and careful shipping and handling.

The asking price is $850 but I may accept the best offer. Don't let this one slip out of your hands, make an offer today!
hey is this guitar still for sale??
and if it is, do you ship to the uk??