Hi, my friend got this guitar recently and he has a problem with it's licensed floyd. He can't put the tremolo arm in the floyd, it doesn't fit really. You can put it in but just for a quarter of an inch. The hole in the floyd looks like you only have to put the arm in, but the arm itself has a part that seems to have to be screwed into the floyd. Has anybody encountered this problem before? Sorry if I wasn't clear, a bit of language barrier...
do you have to screw a little pin in? or does it have a little ball end to get inside?

It's not like you have to screw the arm in, it looks like you just put the arm in and then screw that plastic piece to hold it in the place. But the problem is that there is no place to screw that part on.
Most trems have an allen wrench hole on the side that keeps them in...if it's tightened too much, the bar can't fit in.
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The LFR's on the Dean From Hell just screw into the Floyd, they don't have the base on the arm like a Jackson does. Are you sure it's the right arm for the Floyd?

Pictures would really help, it's hard to understand what's going on
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