I played this with a clean setting on my amp, a Blackstar HT-5 with a Fender Stratocaster.

How do you think it sounds? Is there anything I should change?

I just want to get some opinions as no proper guitarists hav really heard what my sound is like before.

Sound clip is on my Profile (I know it's not perfect).

Oyeah and please rate!
I like it, maybe a little bassy towards the beginning, but that might just be the recording as that didn't continue throughout.

This thread is meant to be in the "Tone" thread.

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Not bad. Need to roll the treble back a bit IMO or use the neck pup if you're not doing so already. Tone is personal though.
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Maybe roll back the tone knob a little - other than that I like it
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Not bad. If you want better advice post in the Tone Testing Thread V2.

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Sounds good, mabey roll back on your tone knob so it dosent get so pitchy.

Tone has nothing to do with pitch.
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Good job.
Are you playing the bass riff too, or is it an overdub?
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Good job.
Are you playing the bass riff too, or is it an overdub?

Playing the bass riff on my strat It does the job
I like it though it does sound a little thin, it needs to be a little warmer sounding but otherwise good.