I'm looking for a new amp head
I play mostly metal, and rock but I would like an amp that would be good for other styles too.
My budget is $800
look at the bugera line of amps, and possibly a used peavey 5150 on ebay or somewhere of that nature
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Don't bother with the B-52. If you go used, you'll have alot more options open to you:

- Mesa Mark III
- Mesa DC series
- Mesa F series
- Peavey XXX
- Peavey Ultra Plus
- Peavey 5150/6505
- Peavey JSX
- Ampeg VH140c
- Crate GT3500H Shockwave

As for cabs, look into a Mesa, Vader or an Avatar.
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Vetta head + Cab = ultimate versatility

and +1 to Raj's suggestions
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